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8 Positives to working over the Christmas period

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So Christmas is upon us once more, and once again some of us have to work.  But fear not!  Believe it or not, there are some positives to working at this time of year.  Unfortunately, this cannot be said if you work in retail, I have done my fair share of Christmases in retail (Woolworths, Farmfoods and BHS) and I can find no benefits.  Sorry.

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The roads are quieter.

With most people being off work at this time of year, the journey to work, and therefore from, tends to be easier, quicker and less stressful.

Sorry, if you need to use the pitiful public transport service offered at this time of year.

You can generally get parked nearer your office.

If you have several onsite staff car parks, obviously the ones nearer to the buildings will fill up first but Christmas gives you that rare opportunity to park near your office and not have to traipse all the way across the site.

You just have to remember when you leave, especially if it is dark!

You are not ramping up your utility bills.

Ok, this is more for those of us who live alone, but it is still a positive.  For the 9 or so hours that you are out of the house you are not

  • watching telly – a 21inch telly costs about 2p per hour to run, so imagine how much that huge 50inch hanging on the wall costs, and this doesn’t include any cable/satellite boxes.
  • boiling the kettle – it costs roughly 2.5p to boil a kettle.
  • playing Call of Duty – games consoles cost about 7p per hour.

I know that the above figures are small, but they all add up.

You don’t feel obliged to visit relatives that you don’t see the rest of the year.

Admit it, we all have that mad Great Aunt that still gives you 50p at Christmas thinking that it will buy you half the sweet shop (I’m 48), and we really don’t want to visit if we really don’t have to, and you are working!  Perfect.

You can get a LOT done.

Working at Christmas is generally undisturbed, of course, this depends on where you work and what you do.  But for an accounts office worker like myself, the majority of the people that you have dealings with are off so the phones don’t ring and you don’t see emails stacking up in your inbox.

This is assuming that systems don’t crash.

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You can play your music.

Whilst playing music is not frowned up in the office, I can’t say that it is to my taste.  But it’s not a problem when I am in on my own. If I want to blast out Queen, I can.  If I want to listen to a Stephen King or Terry Pratchett audiobook, I can.  Bonus!

You might make a bit more money.

Some employers may pay you at an enhanced rate during the Christmas period, or compensate you with extra time off (not mine, oh no).

You can eat all the sweets and biscuits left in the office.

Most people take biscuits and sweets into the office this time of year and there are always some left after everyone else has broken up for the holiday.  And you wouldn’t want the biscuits to go off, would you?

So chin up kidder, it’s not all bad.

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There are positives to working over Christmas... 683x1024 - 8 Positives to working over the Christmas period


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